Generate impact, our social footprint value.

Summer breaks ends, even Invitalia Ventures starts again. At the end of July, the Board of Directors of Invitalia Ventures, confirming the positive trend already consolidated in 2016, have approved the half-yearly financial statements. The Year 2016 has been indeed closed with a net profit of 350 K € while it has been of 176 K € in the first semester 2017. While all the team is particularly proud of these results, we do not want to stop here: it is time also to present a social report to our stakeholders.

Because our mission is to make investments generating a strong socio-economic impact.

The Italia Venture I Fund has closed the Year 2016 with 11 investments in Italian startups and innovative SMEs: it has been invested 8 €/mln with an overall round value around 23 €/mln thanks to the co-investment strategy that characterizes the strategy of the Fund.

Whilst being at the first year of activities, Invitalia Ventures accounted for 12% of the total investments made into Italian startup. To date, Invitalia Ventures has closed 16 operations (of which 2 undisclosed) including a 10,5 €/mln commitment and an overall round value of 32,5 €/ml. Invitalia Ventures has mainly invested in key industries for the Country (healthcare, social inclusion, sustainable mobility, renewable energies), focusing on disrupting technologies and strategic innovation.

The social impact is huge: in 2016, the investments have generated 60 jobs (+40% of jobs created post investment). Employees are highly qualified, under 40 and by 30% composed by women. Thanks to these investments, startups have accelerated their growth and facilitate, in some cases, the attraction of international skills and the return of Italian talents in our Country.

These results confirm Invitalia Ventures as a key player as it contributes to a sustainable, integrated and long-term growth. Now it’s time to go ahead to close the Year 2017 with great numbers!


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