670 K € funding round for Mindesk, the Apulia startup which has developed the first immersive 3D CAD modelling interface in the virtual reality


Invitalia Ventures together with A11 Venture and other investors have invested 670K € in Mindesk, the Apulia-based startup that revolutionizes the CAD modelling by reaping the benefits of the virtual reality.

This startup has been founded by Gabriele Sorrento, Sergio Giorgio and Vittorio Bava and seeks to solve concerns raised by architects, engineers and designers with regards to difficulties associated with the implementation of 3D modelling on the two-dimensional surface from the PC’s screen.

Thanks to the development of the first interface of professional 3D CAD projects in virtual reality, Mindesk is able to increase significantly the productivity and overcome the creative limits imposed by the current two-dimensional interfaces. Mindesk has promoted indeed a strong innovative process, which enables not only to connect modeling projects in the third dimension surface as well as project editing in VR mode but also facilitates real time collaborations among professionals.

Mindesk operates in a dynamic market in which the potential AR/VR industry is rising significantly (starting from 5 $ billion in 2017 to 90 $ billion in 2020) and attracts a growing interest from Big international players such as HTC, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook.

Great interest has already been shown by the market: over 1.300 users have already downloaded the first alpha version while some strategic cooperations are in place with important international players. These synergies will be exploited and developed thanks to the recent establishment of a branch office in San Francisco. Mindesk has also been selected among 600 startups to attend the “Vive X” acceleration programme, which is promoted by HTC.

As a result to this investment round, Mindesk’s team plans to speed-up the development of the technology by implementing further CAD solutions and to start with the mass production and distribution.




“We are very satisfied to invest in Mindesk that will bring the CAD area in the virtual reality thanks to an innovative and compatible plug-in with any kind of software. The business impact is huge: engineers, architects and designers will have at their disposal an affordable and easy-to-use 3D modelling tool. In view of this innovative platform, they will able to compete with larger companies. We are ready to fully support Mindesk in its growth plan in order to make this company a key player at international level (Mario Scuderi, Investment Manager)


“Mindesk can already count on strong assets: a solid evidence from the market thanks to the release beta, a solution with strong impact in the key sectors for architects, engineers with potential business expansion in the automotive industry and a robust international team and evolution. This is why A11 Venture decided to take part to the investment into Mindesk with the aim to build up a success story between Italy and the Silicon Valley” (Giovanni Polidori, Investment Manager)


We have started our venture to give an answer to two fundamental needs of designers: to create 3D models in the most natural way and to generate collaboration with other colleagues that are also in a remote mode. We have created the first version of the software and checked output hypothesis together with the first alpha testers. Thanks to Invitalia Ventures and A11 Venture we can scale up this technology with the aim to support various business sectors including architecture and automotive and to become the standard reference for the 3D design (Gabriele Sorrento, CEO).